Sustaining romance in Love & Marriage
How to retain your romantice passion with your partner


But Why Do Heart Breaks?

The sky is dark and the moon is also not visible, night seems to be like killing, piercing its needles into my heart. Since the day he left me, I am broken, desolated as someone has stabbed a knife...
An engagement time is like heaven, two souls pledge to never separate , but what happens when ultimately they are united in marital bond? Why couples fight? Mr. & Mrs. Sharma would often...
This question is silly, isn’t it! We all know that truth is the most beautiful thing, from the ancient to current civilization; we are told to speak the truth. We are not supposed to lie to anyone;...
And an answer to it is Do what Munna Bhai says.  There is a common saying, do what the heart says, love what the soul says, but what to do if heartbreaks? 
In the lockdown, one of the categories of the humans impacted were the lovers, how can they meet? Dreams of babes, those hides behind the trees, passionate kisses and delightful touches, the bonanza that could fire even a hardened heart. 

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