What People Think Of Health?

One good morning I wake up after a great birthday party of my niece a day before. That morning was as usual for me as other until I heard a screaming voice of my husband fighting with pain in his upper abdomen. What was that? I wonder. Acidity, a muscle stretch or what? I got worried after seeing his situation and his deliberate cry because of pain.

Although, my husband got recovered from that pain after getting the right medicine and treatment from the doctor but I got stuck in the situation. He was fine but I was not. What disturbed me was the question of what are we doing with our health. With the growing of standard of people, more party gatherings and what we call enjoyment aren’t we actually playing with our own health.

Health, what you think is good health is? Is it all about looking beautiful, fit, having muscles and perfect figure? Everybody, including me, for us healthy is the new outfit of the 21st century that looks different on everybody and that is different for everyone. Everyone has their own perceptions, their own health goals, and their own views. So it is good not to compare your health with the person in your front. Instead, sit think and analyze your health. Are you eating right diet? Are you living a stress free life? Are you feeling good and happy in social gatherings? If you answer is no for any of the above question then it is the time to start thinking seriously. It’s your health, the foremost thing that can make you happy and motivated.

It is very essential to be healthy if you don’t want to see yourself lying on the hospital bed in your late 30s or early 40s. Yet it’s early, but it is true as well. If we continue living an unhealthy lifestyle, then my friends the day is not far when we will be lying in the hospital bed,  with those scary injections and lot of drips and ofcourse that long hospital bills.

Health is not about the trend it is our lifestyle. How we live? What do we eat? How do we eat? When do we eat? And a lot more.

Health is not only about being physically fit, but it’s also about being healthy physically, socially as well as mentally.

I am not talking about you, nor my husband, I am considering myself only. I stood in front of the mirror and saw my face, my body. I was appearing absolutely fine, but am I? That was all my epidermal layer for which we spend thousands every mont in salon, but do it is exactly the same inside as it looks? I question myself.

By adapting ourselves to fit in the society we are living in, aren’t we compromising with our health. Is anything more worthy and important for you than our own health?

Most of the people concentrate on being physically fit when the topic being healthy arises. But every day, every single hour we are struggling with tensions, stress and other factors that impacts our mental health and make us unhealthy.

Now you must have understood my point. Let’s proceed further.

What do you have in your breakfast today? What were the nutrients in the meal? Does it have all the basic nutrients that are essential for your health? Did you consider the nutrients or have breakfast just to make your taste buds happy and contented? After having breakfast, you went to office, got a long list of mails no what? Your mind is now facing new challenges of finishing task, meeting deadlines.

So in the morning you satisfied your taste buds, but is your intestine happy? Later what your mind needs to meet those challenges and what had you provided? I hope this was enough to clear my point.

After interrogating many, and after analyzing my own views I came to the conclusion we some top points as follow.

According to me, being healthy is:

Healthy eating: Eating diet rich in macronutrients; Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins without neglecting micronutrients; vitamins & minerals.

Doing proper exercise: Doing yoga asanas, running, cycling, meditation brings miracle in your health.

Our overall well-being: Whom we meet, what we discuss, what we watch? All these minor seeming topic did a lot to influence our life and lifestyle.

Having adequate sleep: Sound sleep of at least 6 hours.

Low stress: Thinking positive and finding good in every new challenge we face. This will reduces your stress and do a great job for your body and mind.

Confidence: Be confident of your actions, your decision. Believe it is a small word with a powerful effect on our body and mind.

Feeling Great: Have no one who can cheer up for you. Worry not! Most of the time we rely on others for our happiness. Aren’t we? Stop doing that, instead begin doing things that makes you happy or that makes you feel great?

Limiting the use of alcohol and tobacco: They are the biggest devil and our health enemy. Stay away from them.

Start loving yourself and others: The positive mind and the positive body is what define good health. So leave everyone and others’ view behind. Begin your day with a smile, spread love, and happiness all day, the night itself will be wonderful. Try it, you will feel the change.  

A healthy body, it is not about having a perfect body, it is a lot more.

Having your own views about health? Feel free to share it in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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