Tips to Attract Love of Your Dreams

” Love is spiritual elevation—stepping out from the confines of four walls to enter into the realm of freedom and heart wilderness

There is so much to say about love that it would hardly make us wonder about its essentialisms and importance. We know, understand, and feel it, but we generally fail it. Here we will dive into this aspect of love life and find ways to achieve success in love, and in a way, two hearts should never fall apart. In a nutshell, it all boils down to self-perseverance, patience, and love. Also, a true lover should understand that to attract love is a skill and an anticipatory air of playful excitement.

How to attract it, here are some secret aspects:

Practice, Pretend, and Plan

Practice for a life you have always dreamt to live, and equally pretend your lover is near you, As long as you keep your faith and retain a positive outlook, you will your efforts to attract and meet your suitable partner will become successful.

According to Vastu Shastra, create a symphony with nature, and everything around you. It is a basic essence of love, which in turn is possible with love, care and respect,  These three traits are the basis of any relationship that brings the bubbling hearts together. But don’t expect a magic. You need to put in your efforts.

But do pay attention to how you feel, and think of something or someone that indicates your love and attraction for your soul mate. Ultimately you will get whatever you aspire to.

Here are five steps for you to follow and what you need to know about love

Understand your need

The first thing in your journey of love is to understand and realize your needs. You need to know what your heart and mind says about you. Contemplate what your ideal partner should be. Also, decide on the type of relationship you need.  No doubt attraction and love is a vibration match, with no time, no articulate plan and no thoughts on how this would go down. Leave it to the circumstances and time.

 Visualize your dream partner

Think of how your partner should be and allow yourself to feel excited about it. This is how you match the vibration. You might have been thoughts wondering about your relationship, but now it’s time to envision it and the qualities you think your partner should have.

 Learn to Shed all your fears 

It’s no wonder that fear plays a major role in retaining relationships and dating. It is the fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, and intimacy that can overwhelm you and influence your thoughts, behaviour and emotions. For the majority of us, these things reduce trust and self-esteem.
But you need to overcome your fear and have control over your thoughts. It is also important, to be honest with yourself. Think of your past romantic relationship and understand the situation and feelings that might seem to repeat. All these aspects and patterns will tell you how you intend to sabotage your love life.

 Always learn to love yourself 

This is true for both boys and girls Always learn to love yourself first as if you do not love yourself, others will also shed away from you and will continue to approve or reject the same aspects of your personality. Continue to have a deep love for yourself and start understanding, embracing and accepting each part of yourself. Once you start to value yourself you will also get the same value.

 Stop a negative approach towards love

Many women worry that they will not find a man that meets their needs. This means you have an empty mindset. Many women also assume of not have enough partners to go about, which could not be more than the truth. With more than a million men and women, there is no wonder you might have a soul mate, so do not be desperate and continue with your search. Instead of getting away from dating, have faith in yourself and God. God will give you the relationship you want.

Be a magnet for a relationship you believe in. If you think you will remain happy and grateful in a relationship, the proper way to attract is by remaining happy and thankful in the present moment. Start your day by being grateful and feel excited to except the best things in your life including love. You only have to do one thing, match the subconscious idea of love with the conscious idea of love. So step






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