Is Hemp a Buzz word in the Health world?

Nature’s womb is a magical repository of health, wealth and wisdom, which our gurus have been exploring and we should too. 

Amidst this nature’s Lineage, we have forgotten Hemp, a seed of Cannabis, a pure Indian plant that is passed down through the centuries. It is a religiously sanctified to the Santana Dharma, as well as Ayurvedic utilized with ample of medicinal properties. You must have guessed it right; I am talking of Bhang, But Hemp is not only confined to India but to the whole of the word dated back to 5000 BC in China and Middle East.

Hemp’s name is itself shrouded in mystery, which according to the Vedas is favored by Lord Shiva, making it a sacred substance. Soon after the winter season, Bhang will appear on the scene in India on Holi, a festival of colors. In fact, people feel emptiness celebrating festival without Bhang. Along with savory pakoras to sweets, lassi and thandai, Holi lovers laces the food with cannabis.

With the Bhang, you can get an altered sense of time, hallucinations and impossibility in processing information and even doing basic activities. You eat and sleep a lot and might also cause food carvings, anxiety, drowsiness, altered mind and what not. I remember the song of Rajesh Khanna’s movie, “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar, Kanta Lage Na Kankar, ke pyala tere nam ka piya.” This is Bhang effect, if anyone is talking nonsense, a sudden reply would come, “Tune Bhang to nahi pee”.

But do you know if we start counting its benefits, it is unlimited- it is now getting a nod from even the medical fraternity from across the globe as immunity booster, weight loss supplement, regulator of the blood sugar and cholesterol. It is equally a nutritious plant based diet, as well as medicinal. Unfortunately, we Indians are unaware of so much qualities of Bhang, confining it to either as religious drink or a drug. Surprised isn’t it!

 Do you know it was legal till 1985? All cannabis derivatives were getting legally sold in India, till late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi banned it.

a piya.” This is Bhang effect, if anyone is talking nonsense, a sudden reply would come, “Tune Bhang to nahi pee”.

You very well must have imagined Bhang as a drink that people enjoy in the Holi festival, and after that, they start behaving weirdly, as you get high. But when it is extracted as seeds from the Cannabis plant, it is left with a very less quantity of CBD and will not leave you high. And you won’t believe, it contains a balanced ratio of Omega acids, antioxidants, and important minerals. It is also best for skin and hair.

Many Bollywood actors were questioned for alleged possession of Marijuana when Rhea Chakraborty was found involved in it. But do you know it was legal till 1985? All cannabis derivatives were getting legally sold in India, during the tenure of the late Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. 

But now Hemp is going to get a new narrative; a boon for the health workers, farmers, and the whole economy. Hemp is going to become a multi-billion industry not only for its health benefits but for the economic advantages also.

Feel the heat by the researchers who are tending to explore its potential positive impact on certain health benefits like cancer pain, genetic diseases, epilepsy, sickle-cell anemia, etc. CBD could be a cost-effective and highly impactful remedy and the best substitute for the bloated health care industry. And now even lawmakers and health experts are coordinating with the Food Safety and Standards Authority to codify hemp as an agricultural commodity, a food item, and a health treatment.

Hemp is extracted to get Hemp Seed Oil, pills, and other medicinal products. There is no limit to the medicinal value of Hemp Seed Oil

The Skin will make your face glow and healthy: It contains vitamins and fatty acids that are best for the skin’s health. Try it only for a few days and then see the difference it has made on your face. You will see the skin gets a revived appeal from dermatitis, eczema, varicose eczema, lichen planus, and acne rosacea.

Improve the health of your Brain: The hemp seed oil that contains fatty acid might be good for the brain. It needs ample healthful fats and also has compounds that help to protect the brain. Scientific studies have found that it protects the brain against inflammation. The Hemp seed oil also contains polyphenols, which play an active role in protecting the brain. 

It is a natural pain reliever: It is a natural pain reliever if the pain is due to inflammation. Those who do not want to have over the counter or prescribed medications can have high-quality hemp. A 2018 review shows that CBD constitutes a complete spectrum of hemp oil or cannabinoids that promises treatment of different types of pain. Cancer patients can also have hemp to get relief from chemotherapy pains.  

Acne:  The fatty acids that are inside the hemp seed oil helps balance the skin and prevent inflammation that causes acne. The incorporation of CBD from the plant might also help get rid of acne. A study that is conducted in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD impacts the sebum glands in people who are affected by chronic pain, causing reduced sebum production and help in preventing acne breakouts. 

Muscle Tension: Hemp Oil containing CBD can also be a great reliever to you in reducing stress and tension in the muscles. Like fatty acids, CBD contains an anti-inflammatory impact on the body which might reduce the tension that people face due to stress. By rubbing hemp seed oil or full-spectrum oil into tight muscles can release tension and relax them. 

There are many more advantages of Hemp and its extracted Hemp Oil. But the question that many of you might be pondering is if the use of Hemp or CBD oil is legal in India? The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 NDPS Act, made the recreational use of cannabis illegal. The NDPC Act does not apply to the seeds and leaves of any of the cannabis plants. If any company or anyone extracts CBD from the leaves or seeds of the cannabis plants, then technically we can say that it is not illegal. If CBD oil is produced under a license issued by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, then you can legally use it. But the use of cannabis or Hemp in India has not yet gained popularity but the expectations are that despite the stigma attached due to the use of CBD by the media and Hollywood 

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