When the morning rays fall through the window, we open our eyes with a yawn; take a deep breath and rose to get on with our daily rituals. Waking up healthy is a prodigy of the few. However, we often forget that we are the lucky ones who are healthy today and have the opportunity to feel the warmth of nature outside and the beautiful life.”

 And, now as 2020 is approaching, we can see the trend of life-changing and with it many physical and mental traumas. But it is also an assurance that many health trends are also happening that is worth embracing, and which conjures with our lifestyle.  

Experts suggest that the one health and wellness trend that will never fade is “balanced food and lifestyle”. Whatever exercises form we take up, walking, jogging, exercising, yoga, Zumba, if we do not balance it with the nutritious food, it will have no impact. This trend will always retain its enigma and will help us remain physically and mentally strong.

No doubt, there are lots of things happening in the health sector, but not all guarantee a healthy life; many of the exercises or healthy regimes can itself lead to side effects. Be vigilant and adopt holistic way, that’s so natural, freshening like a dewdrop over the leaf. You will not only enjoy it but will also remain always healthy and physically fit.  

Adopt these picks of the healthy trends of 2020 that you would never regret in your life

Remain Mindful 

Retain the practice of remaining mindful in your everyday life. Keep the mobile phone away for a couple of hours, you will feel relaxed. Chew your meal at every bite, take few minutes in the morning to meditate, or just stroll in the morning in your garden. Keep your mind away from all the stresses and everyday routines. It will keep your mind conscious, fresh and mindful the whole day. 

Recharge your body and mind

Try to reduce your screen time in the bedroom, but recharge your mind by sleeping on time. Create a better sleeping pattern. From our childhood days, we would always learn, “Early to bed and early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” We should sleep early and wake up early before the morning sun appears in the sky. As nature permits us to believe, birds started singing at the first ray and the flowers began to bloom. As per the latest scientific term, by adopting the better sleep cycle, you are adhering to your circadian rhythm. There are a lot of ways that we can improve our sleeping cycle. Start it and you will yourself start feeling the difference.

Quality Eating

Instead of counting calories or going in for an intensive cleaning procedure, experts recommend following the eating pattern that your intuition says. Opt for quality and a balanced diet. 

Concentrate more on the quality food that you receive on your plate instead of recognizing why you have reached for such foods and how it is impacting your mood and energy levels. It is about learning and respecting what your body requires to meet and thrive. In short, eat what your body demands. Studies show that it is an effective way to create and sustain a healthy eating pattern that you can link to better mental well being.

Emotional Wellness 

In 2019, people are opening up to their struggles they are facing regarding their mental health issues. And as the celebrities are opening up to their internal struggles, studies on the calming and mind boosting techniques are growing. There is an explosion of apps and videos on the various mind full techniques including meditation. The world health organization found that around 25 percent of the people are now impacted with mental or neurological disorders at some phase of their life, and around 450 million people are struggling with this condition. Unfortunately, around two-thirds of the people never sought help from a health professional. However, now technology is helping people to get mentally elevated and enshrine their lives. 

Food Sensitivity Testing

It might sound strange but it is true, people often mistook food sensitivities for allergies and miss those things in their lives which they wish to enjoy but in moderation. With the advent of technology, you can have a food sensitivity test to find out what sensitivities you have.

Ayurveda- An ancient system but still trendy

Ayurveda is an ages-old treatment system but has its relevance until today. This system focuses on the balance between mind, body, and soul. It is not only about treating the physical symptoms but the roots of the symptoms. Now as the trend is shifting from mere treatment to prevention, adopting Ayurvedic treatment is a way to reckon. The global Ayurvedic market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR over the period 2018-2023. And there are various factors that are attributed to its growth, which are increase in trust on the traditional and natural medicines, growth in the e-commerce sector, growth in the worldwide nutrition and herbal industry, its minimum side effects, novel and innovative ways of its launch, disillusionment with the urbanized lifestyle and allopathic medicines, etc.

Life has its way, but how we take it is in our own hands. These trendy lifestyle changes entail us to live a life as per our modernistic ways and remain healthy.