In The Lockdown

It happened unexpectedly, so sudden, and so very caustic n harsh, not only economically, but psychologically too. It was like a dream that nobody could have ever imagined, and a storm that came and left veils of the avalanche, jumbled economy, and virtually everything empty. Almost the whole human race got suddenly confined, switched from their everyday forties into the four walls of their homes.

 We all know what I am talking about. It’s pandemic Coronavirus that shook thousands of rich, n poor into its grip. It’s a crisis that never before happened, the gravity that shook the world into its knees.  

If we look at the other side, these 4 walled homes became our world, and we suddenly got worried about our business, jobs, economy, and socializing. But, think about what we have gained?

The following points entail how our lockdown position brought the human values to the next level, that’s beyond exceptions, and gave the human understanding another meaning.

Family Bonding

At this moment we suddenly came closer to our family, each one of us taking brooms in our hands and cleaning the house. We had never imagined this moment before when the maids would have occupied each chore of our lives. 

 What a feeling of bonding it has brought with it; Husband, Wife, children, all had picked the cradles of households. We are even amused to see the videos of renowned celebrities washing their utensils and watering the plants. Nature has itself given elites and dignitaries the meaning of life, to remain down-to-earth. 

It is also a time to say thanks to Mom and Dad every morning for the hardships they had endured to raise up, and make us what we are today. Give them time to speak, to share about their past and live in the present. They cherish their memories, their childhood days when the world was very simple and different. The smile that we would see on their face, is more than any materialistic happiness could have given.

Now you don’t have an excuse, and don’t have “Mere pas time nahi hei”, play with your kids, be innovative and create new games for them, teach them new art and best of all how to speak in front of others and how to communicate.  

Create a Romantic room

A Romantic Room Your Partner Will Love

Be creative, in love. Create a romantic room, and decorate it nicely with candles at least once in two to three days. It builds a passionate feeling, a desire that you would never feel before. Husband and Wife had come together, the bonding increased. The worries of office tension and mental stress of everyday household chores got a setback; though there are certain instances of domestic violence the overall picture is beautiful. Husband n Wife is cooking together with equal passionate zeal and performing the chores, an unimaginable scenario.  

Today I remember the song from a film “Bobby” 

“Hum Tum ik kamre mein band ho, aur chabbi kho jaye”. Yar! Leave aside social distances norms if you are living as husband n wife in a same house, and same room. Lock your room and “Love ho Jayee”. How’s that! 

Work from Home Became a New Norm 

Take a laptop, sit calmly on your bed, and make your boss happy. This means if you can do, complete your office work whenever you feel and in whatever way you like, without getting formal. Your boss will be happy as he wants, work and the work he will get anyway. Even our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is emphasizing getting digital. People are making different arrangements for webinars, e-learning, getting more and more into e-commerce, and succinctly driving the business online.

Your wife is happy, children happy at least watching her husband at home in front of them. Simply not a bad bet!

It is better than waking up early and going to office in the hush and bush of traffic, and when you return home you would throw away tie and shoes. 

Now you can have your wife with you always to drink nectar, have a cup of coffee or a glass of beer, and on the other hand press your keys.

Increase the value of Humanity and Human Values

A course on Universal Human Values was conducted by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). This course was started as a part of the engineering curriculum through an online webinar for 5 days. And in this program, there were 50 participants. But we are seeing human values not just limited to the course, but from every corner of India and in fact world. Many unknown faces have emerged from nowhere, strong as ever before, and becoming a shining example of humanity. They are offering food to the poor and stranded, preparing masks for the people, and helping communities in their way.

Whole India of 180 billion people came together in their balconies clapping their hands, and beating their drums to show their solidarity, and to motivate the health workers. This is unity and humanity at the peak.

Love in the balconies 

Gone were the days, when eyes were met through the balconies or windows facing each other, and the love would start. Then the letters started, hidden in the books, and eventually, love became digital. But now again, history has repeated itself and the love at first sight syndrome started becoming a norm. See lovers in the balconies like the pigeons wanted to flirt. 

Are you too in love?

Yet lovers who stand in their balconies to feel, breathe, and love the nature and the fresh air. When the breeze touches the body, it creates a sensation.  

Yes when the human population is inside, nature has started breathing again. Pollution level considerably reduced, we are receiving fresh air. Our honorable Chief Minister of Delhi did not have to do anything to reduce its pollution level, nature has done it. Wild animals are now relaxed, and taking the less-traveled routes, walking leisurely which was once the human-occupied roads. Migratory birds are flying in happiness, rivers got cleaner without spending even a penny, and trees are zooming without the fear of getting hacked.

This phase is a bad phase for the whole human race as people are getting succumbed to the Coronavirus or landing up in the hospital. It is a very sad affair. But in this situation, we have to live with hope and live with positivity. No doubt thousands of people are doing it.

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