I am a woman and I want love!

Hardly any woman would talk about romance or love. It’s either due to social taboo or shyness. But it does not mean that she does not need romance. Women need it how much she might protest that she don’t require it. Sometimes she finds herself in the discernment of Hollywood or Bollywood, but she expects that love is clear, pure and deep as an ocean.

I am here to tell you what are the perceptions of women about romance? I am going to reveal her inner feelings, her dream, and the expectation of love and romance.

 So what does romance means for a woman? Is it expectations of having dinner in an expensive restaurant and buying expensive gifts for her? Well, on the contrary, it is neither. Her expectation is sincerity, nobleness, gentility, honesty, and trustworthiness in love. 

She anticipates deep affection from her lover expecting that her man would go out of the way to love her. 

She wants her man would always be with her whenever she needs. Even if she can take care of herself, he is always there to protect her.

She can be happy with just that little wink and loving eyes. 

“In love, petty things give that satisfaction and fulfillment which even precious gifts cannot give. 

She is happy and satiated if she receives love notes, a surprise phone call or a sweet wink only to say I love you.

 She expects her hubby to be around her and would be contented to hold her hand, touch her feet or tell her the story without any complaint.

 The love for her should be a musical rhythm which is sweet and mysterious.  

She wants that he would walk hand in hand and their eyes would meet each other with wistful smiles touching the lips. And, the word that immerses from her soul is pure and divine. And, for her relationship with a man is quite profound as relationship with God. You can yourself realize how one mirrors the other.

Many women also find the connection between the soul and body as vital in their quest for sexually untainted life. They must move deep into the mystery to feel free and yet to remain in bondage.

Women require partners who invest their energy trying to prove how masculine they are. They need men who are humble and would treat them with fairness.

In eighteenth-century, women would love and marry for money and social status. She wants a man who could bestow the riches on her. In those days, happiness in marriage was a matter of chance, however now happiness and satisfaction in romance and marry is a matter of choice. Today’s women can say “I do” and have the prospect of “I do”.

Underlying the romantic expectations love demand discerning relationship quotient. In fact, romance should not be hard for both men and women. It also does not need a beautiful suit and tie, or precarious chocolates.

Today woman would be happy if her hubby gets a pizza for her but happier and satiated if both would make pizza together in a small yet cozy room. 

“When the tides touch the shore, and he kisses me on the fore, we pick our beer bottle, start the Netflix and watch the romantic movie together”.

These are my thoughts, but yours might be different. So Ladies open up and share your views of what romance means to you?