We the Women and the tech of today

Lockdown has turned the life and astonishingly twisted the “Home Game”. Today you cannot expect a women to cover her head with a “pallu” (covering), and stand at the window waiting for her husband’s return.

A dramatic plot of this household ritual is changed, transformed into a more balanced version. If you get the opportunity to peep into your neighbors, it won’t surprise you to see a man humbly bringing tea for his wife, and even cleaning the house. This is no doubt happening due to lockdown, but the underlying reason is that today’s women are now smart. And, men have also started realizing that the days of male chauvinism is ended.  

Today women are talented and intelligent. Though in many cases, they are facing traumatic experiences, yet they are able to pass through it with ease. These are housewives who are though not an earning member but are 24 hours active, and working day and night to maintain the house and keeping their family happy. They are working for their husbands, children, in-laws, and even their parents.

A-cartoon-in-which-two-people-are-having-a conversation-while-cooking

But unfortunately, several cases have come to light when the women are becoming victim of domestic violence. According to the latest data released by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), in some states of India, they are facing both mental and physical abuse. In less than two months, Uttarakhand has recorded highest number of domestic violence cases. Haryana has been ranked number 2, while Delhi number 3.

In spite of the negative news in the media and increasing cases of coronavirus, housewives are generating positive energy. And believe it or not, they are also now becoming tech-savvy, and using Artificial intelligence (AI) for buying goods, selling, interacting, partying, etc. With the baby cuddling and to cooker whistling they are also creating videos.


You can see these women on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. These are not only our modern girls but “Dessi girls” (Simple traditional woman) too. They have pepped themselves in different avatars to present themselves in a style that is enough to make people say Wah!

Women are both modern as well as traditional. They have shattered the cultural parameters of their society and homes to take new new form. They are creating their videos of dancing, singing, and even getting crazy. They are organizing kitty digitally and enjoying the party.

These are not the technocrats as they have not learned coding, but they are loving latest technologies to make their lives easy, for uniting and spreading happiness, in the socially isolated version of today’s civilization. 

I also want to talk about another category of house-wives, who were earlier into the workforce but they left the jobs to take care of their children and homes. They are millennia’s with the courage and aptitude, to do and perform anything without sweating.

Now, when the artificial intelligence is penetrating deep into the consciousness of the human minds, our house managers are also not recluse to use these mechanical idiosyncratic devices.


Women tends to use Artificial Intelligence (AI), in three paradigm levels, and the industrialists vagabonds are also eager to make this happen. These are 3 Cs ; creativity, compassion, and collaboration. And under these levels now women are automating their domesticity in a much better way. Let us understand how they are using AI to fulfill their desire for 3Cs.

Creativity: Women have always been creative but now they are more driven by their passion and ambition to create masterpieces, they are formulating ground-breaking solutions with comprehensive ecosystems. They are also adopting innovative ways of expressing themselves and boosting their creative power.

Compassion: Women are caring to their core, this means they are naturally compassionate. A famous Artificial Intelligent scientist, Dr Amit Ray introduced the concept of deep compassion algorithm. His AI concept is used for solving humanitarian crises which are due to the natural and man-made disasters, and help reduce suffering. He named it ” Compassion AI” , a most compassionate resource that can be of great use for women. As it would empower them and induce in them the spirit of love, freedom, dignity, equality, security, and well being.

Collaboration: AI is giving boost to our house managers efforts to make their connection with their relatives, family members, guests and neighbors strong.

No doubt, for the women Artificial Intelligence is a powerful force to make their life easy and smart. These technical devices can perform many complex tasks and also making the best substitute of the human brains.  For instance, a use of motion sensor to prompt a light to turn on and off, or a sensor to iron your clothes or water your plants.

It is all about getting smarter as the Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking its roots in our Indian society. You do not have to display yourself as a wannabe of the societal designs, but be yourself.

Turtles move slow and rabbits fast, what you want to be its your decision. But the time is for the house managers to adopt the habit of both, turtles as well as rabbits- A balance of both to boost the ethos and keep your homes running on strong footings while utilizing the automation to your benefit.

Here are some of the examples of AI platforms that I have found and could make women proud:

Take Care of Your Skin With AI 


ModiFace is an augmented reality application having an anti-aging and skincare stimulation properties. This video-based application can predict changes in the skin condition once you have used the skin products. Women can open the app and measure the severity of the skin condition and predict the impact of cosmetics on the skin. The phone screen can split making the user check the difference. 

Perfect Corp.

It is yet another smartphone application that makes customers use AI to test different types of makeup looks. The manufacturer claims that the app uses a combination of face detection and tracking AR with live 3D Face to give the different looks.

As per the industry experts, these skin care apps are still at the nascent stage but quite promising.  

Learn Dancing with AI 

Hey! Dance lovers, do you know as you start learning dances, AI will watch you. You are right. As we take our steps and groove to a beat, a computer can find your unique dancing steps by “dancing fingerprint.”Recent studies have revealed that as we take our steps as per music irrespective of genre, this AI finds the dancer with 90 percent accuracy. 

Use Robots Now To Cook Your Food 

Do you know you can also cook with AI, and the food prepared to be tasty? Now Kitchen is also getting intelligent and smart, as many companies are experimenting with robots that can help prepare meals without much human interaction. At IFA 2019 conference, Samsung displayed its Bot Chef, also known as Cobot, who is helping in the kitchen with both preparations. It is doing all, chopping, whisking, pouring, and cleaning. It has six degrees of freedom making it capable to pick almost all the items in the kitchen. Now McCormick had also created products for consumers that added new flavor concoctions with the use of sensory science, and flavor palettes.

AI to keep your kids busy

There is nothing that an AI can’t do to give freedom to your kids and that too with a web-based tool. One of the examples is a machine learning tool from IBM Watson which helps children to learn and recognize numbers, text, images, or sounds. And best of all it also teaches children how to code by incorporating it in educational coding platforms like Scratch and App. Now many schools and educational institutes are using these tools to upgrade the skills of the children and meet their needs.

Artificial Intelligence devices is upcoming thing, as industrialists are now making it happen in each segment of the society. So women make a smart choice in your life, with today’s AI

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