The clock on the wall had struck 12.00 midnight; I was still on my laptop, watching some episodes of AK on Youtube, as I was not feeling sleepy do. So this was perfect for me. I had plugged in earphones, and a scene was coming when Mini, the main protagonist had just locked the door behind them and came out of her home, a gunshot was heard and the bullet passed from her shoulders and hit a handle.  It was just a matter of seconds and she would have flattened.  A shot had narrowly escaped her. She got startled and ran towards the back of the house. My eyes remained open.  There was a loud roar of a car that had already taken its full speed. 

To Be In A Nature is A bliss

The gun was so heavy that it shot my nerves, shaken I pulled off my earphone. As I did it, I heard a slight bang and a strange light blinking in the backyard. Windows of my room open towards the kitchen garden, where I had grown a few crops, covered by an outer wall.  Wall is of enough height and constructed in a way that no ordinary man could climb it. The light was coming straight from the middle of the crops where the carrot was grown.  I was alone in my room; others were sleeping in the next room on the other side. It must be my illusion, I thought, I rubbed my eyes and immediately switched off my lights; again I saw light was blinking amidst the darkness.  I could listen to the sounds of the night animals and the hooting of the owl. 

Fear gripped me but it was no excuse to wake up others at this time, till I do not know what it is. I picked up courage and walked towards the window. I saw a shadow on the empty ground that was seen through the outer wall. Beyond the wall, just a few meters away a Rikhs family was staying. It was a dark brown color and had black outer boundaries, with no slightest shading. It was giving an audacious display in the draconian night with meandering curves of plants surrounding their side of the wall towards the outer edge. Below it, I could see the small window with bars. And it was quite clear the rays of light were coming through the window, that was pierced from the outer wall to fell on the ground in the way that it started blinking, and the shadow that I saw was probably of a boy who was staying there. 

Life Is A Mystery

 Thinking it is nothing and that boy must be awake. I had heard he was a scientist, so must be experimenting with something, thinking this, I returned to my bed to sleep. Just after a few minutes I landed on my bed,  I again heard a sound, now this time a bang from my parent’s room, I rushed towards it, room but saw someone come running towards me, hitting me from the back, till I became conscious and fell down.  How much time went by, I don’t know but when I regained consciousness, I found myself tied from the chair in my own room, and a young man, heavily built body and a mouth covered with white cloth, had bent over me. I tried to speak, “Who is it, where are my parents, why did you tie me, what do you want? Several questions came to my mind.  As he had covered his face and had switched off the light, I could only see his heavy body and with this, I could make out he is from Rikh family

I shouted “Hey what are you doing here, and where is my rest of the family? I hope you didn’t do anything to my Mom, Dad and sister. What’s up and why you have tied me? 

The boy meekly placed his hands over my mouth.  And said Sh Sh all are drowsed in deep sleep, I had spread a perfume in their room, that would keep them sleeping till late in the morning. I won’t do anything to them till you remain shut and do what I want you to do. And do not try to act smart, He had already snatched my mobile phone too and taken the sim card out. I tried to scream but he closed my mouth with the cloth.  And told me just to listen. His eyes were burning like fire but he took a deep breath, pulled another chair and sat in front of me, he said, “I am not going to do anything to you, as I love you.  You Don’t know but yes I do, I will only tell you my story, just listen carefully and do not dare to move.

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