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  • Is Modi’s Schemes playing well?

    Byadmin. February 3, 2017 .No Comments

    After high speculations from our ruling party, BJP, we have got our budget, to see and envisage the future India, about being Digitized India. We can see our people pockets with minimum cash and ample of cards. We can see...

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  • Don’t Worry!

    Byadmin. January 30, 2017 .No Comments

    One fine morning I was walking steadily towards the office with traffic buzzing around like bees, bumping, scorching, and jumbling against each other. I slammed into a man, whose eyes and mind was over his future; reading horoscope; he got...

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  • Those Few Moments of Unknown Relationship

    Byadmin. January 12, 2017 .1 Comment

    Time is short for each one of us, but not when we drape ourselves in a relationship, of a smile or a wave- to a relationship of someone unknown and so unfamiliar. Yes, that’s quite true, our heart gives ourselves...

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  • Are we glorifying Busy Business

    Byadmin. November 8, 2016 .No Comments

    Hi, I will meet you shortly as I am very busy”. We all have a busy business and right now when I am writing this short piece, I have also become very busy. Getting busy and implying businesses are the...

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