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  • When I visited Taj

    Byadmin. September 6, 2016 .No Comments

    It was a late spring of 1921, Craig and Elizabeth’s last call was to visit the Taj Mahal.  Both stood speechless glaring at its marvel under the moonlit sky.  They were alone standing with their hands clasped together wonderstruck at...

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  • After the Olympics Will Government wake up from Slumber

    Byadmin. August 23, 2016 .No Comments

    State governments have promised crores of rupees to Sindhu and Sakshi for winning medals that they won by virtue of their own efforts. They deserve these rewards as they had toiled to reach this position. Their life stories have not...

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  • What To Do If You Are Facing Distractive Syndrome? Check On

    Byadmin. July 21, 2016 .No Comments

    It was dawn, as I was going to pick my spade, I got a call from one of my friend, I dropped it I didn’t know when the time flew away, and how much time I have wasted in chit...

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  • When I Overcome My Fear

    Byadmin. February 28, 2016 .No Comments

    As the exam of my daughter is right around the corner, hair-raising sensation seems to pester my emotions.  I know she is studious but somewhere down the line, I feel myself falling maliciously under stress.  And the same time, my...

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