The way we think has a major impact on the way we shape our lives.

We all know that, right?

But the question we all face at any given point in time is “How do I think positive? I try to, but negative things always swamp me down! How can I keep on thinking positively if every known situation around me is making me aware of the dismal failures that await me at the end of the day?”

I, too have struggled with these questions day in and day out. How do you keep on thinking positively? After reading a lot on this subject I decided to try a few things myself and I am happy to say that I have succeeded, at least partially.

The working premise of positive thinking is your faith in your own mind’s ability to achieve your deepest desires. It can and will bring about the changes you continuously and strongly feel.

Most of the time we interfere with our mind’s ability to achieve these desires by letting worry, anxiety, unwanted thoughts and ‘what if’s’ come in between the solutions it can give us. In a way we ourselves block our heartfelt desires by thinking negatively.

Simply put, let your mind be. Don’t interfere in it’s process of providing answers with negative inputs.

Secondly, the key to positive thinking is perseverance. Put simply it states that even if the negative situations are pulling you down you calmly and quietly affirm to your mind that it has the ability to make your desire into reality. Sounds difficult, I know! But persevering in this manner of thinking actually removes all the negative blocks which stand between you and the desire you seek. Even if the thing you desire seems impossible at that particular time persevering does transform it into reality later on. You should not be too concerned with the manner in which this happens. It will happen. Just have a grain of faith. Even one grain is enough!

Like I read somewhere… Hold the vision, trust the process. Very true!

An excellent example would be my career in banking. I am a banker by profession. My mother is a banker and I used to see her go for her work. I had decided in my mind when I was a mere six year old that I was going to be a banker. That’s it! No strategies, no blueprint. Just the thought mattered. After two decades out of the various career paths I could choose from, banking was the one I opted for.

Did I do something different? No I didn’t! I just persevered and the rest, as you say, just fell into

my lap. After all, let’s not forget that today’s realities were ‘desires’ and ‘imaginations’ in somebody’s mind long, long ago…