Most of us might be lured by the latest term superfoods, implying its various health benefits, with the luscious categories of leaves, roots, seeds, berries and other.  But the concept was formulated in 1915, in scientific papers to describe its ample nutritional and pharmacological benefits that include infant formula, soy, and legumes, etc.   It gained popularity in the 2000’s when the food industry adopted it as a marketing gimmick to induce people to adopt these exotic plants, and fruits in their diet.

 These superfoods are doused with different nutrient content.  These are the culmination of bureaux plate with taste and nutrient value. Many of these food items are a pertinent part of our Mom’s kitchen but now also reached the hands of these marketing savvy guys. When the world is full of complications, these superfoods are welcoming. If you are an Indian you cannot even imagine having a turmeric lentils in a restaurant, or a khichdi, a dish from Indian Subcontinent,  a mix of Rice and Lentils.  but it is happening now.

The items which our Mom’s would make us gulp down whenever we had a cold and now people are literally paying for these items as delicacies. This golden milk with a combination of nut milk and turmeric is making inroads in the restaurants of London and even in the other parts of the world. Full of health benefits, people are paying a premium price to lavish its taste as well as gain health.

Turmeric and Milk is no doubt well-trenched drink in India’s food culture, where it is deemed as restorative too. It is also a part of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic way to treat ailments and improve health, a drink that has been in use by Indians since centuries.

Coconut oil carries with it many tales, no shaving cream to the dry skin, it encompasses everything that we would all love to enjoy and have in our body and soul. It sums up what the oil extracted from coconut could do. It is a miracle food rather than a superfood. You can cook it, eat I, use as a moisturizer. It has been traditionally used in India and purely Indianness.  It contains fatty acids with potent medicinal properties, reduces fat, kills microorganism, energizes the brain and body, and burns the fat.

If you intend to drink superfood shakes, then you should add a couple of teaspoons of moringa powder into your morning concoction.  While many Indians know it as drumsticks or drumstick tree, it is another example of superfood that health-conscious people love. Recently you can find these in many varieties like moringa teas, and powders, etc. Now you can find the same in supermarkets and health food stores, generally presented for reducing weight.

Berries are full of nutrient content. Doctors advise blueberries, blackberries, and blackcurrants to control high blood pressure and urinary tract infections. Berberines in goldenseal herb reduce blood pressure. resistant starch in green bananas is a rich source of iron.  Berries are also high in fiber, and vitamin C. Other types of berries are Acai Berries, Raspberries, Cranberries, Bilberries, etc with each offers nutrients which prevent different types of diseases.

For a change and to keep your daily life enjoyable and best, people also consume green drinks that reduce weight, increase energy, give a boost to mood and improve the immune system. Green drinks are like nutritional insurance, providing additional benefits. Among many detoxes, Organics makes the best green juice for many people as it is stocked with energy ingredients. Nothing is better than having stuff like beetroot and acai, and to start the morning with a premium greens drink blend like Spirulina, wheatgrass, and Kale. It is stuffed with protein which you can transform into a yummy chocolate shake, one of the best rated green drink.

Scientists have also found that green foods are full of phytonutrients with classic calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They also have antioxidants, carotenoids, fiber, enzymes, and minerals. Studies also show that phytonutrients actually reduces diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and certain autoimmune conditions, and help increase energy.

So obsess yourself with the superfoods and remain always healthy and energized