If we talk about money and religion, we cannot deny the fact that we need both, but in what quantity do we require the same is a matter of deep concern and deliberation. No doubt, we require money to meet our daily physical and materialistic needs but at the same time, we also require religion to meet our spiritual needs.

I will start with a small incident that had had occurred a couple of years back. I was going to Delhi from Jaunpur in Rajasthan. I was traveling in an AC coach, so the atmosphere was quite cool, which made me feel sleepy. The driver suddenly applied a break, shaking all of us who were snoring. Oops! A traffic jam again, I shrieked. A middle-aged conductor with big mustache grudged, a trolley had fallen down the gorge and police had cordoned off the area. We could neither move forward nor backward, as meanwhile hoards of vehicles had already crammed up behind, towards the right and left, some honking while some motorbikes trying to zigzag through the vehicles.    

I got tensed as I had to reach Delhi as soon as possible to attend a Seminar, and time was running short. Seeing my puzzled face, an old man, whose seat was near me, tried to pacify me, “don’t worry, have faith in God, the road will be cleared soon and we will move.”  

“Uncle Ji, I politely replied, I have to reach Delhi at 6 pm today to attend a Seminar, as so many delegates would be coming. If I get late, I would miss the golden opportunity. I think it is better that I should get down from the bus, and walk, maybe I will get some other transportation ahead of this jam”. I had ample money, so this was the best way I could think of.

The old man said, “Well if you think so”. He took out a chain made of beads from his pocket. It was a golden colored and was looking very beautiful, a divine display, and offered me. “I have brought this chain from a temple at Jaunpur; it is a blessing of Devi. Those who keep this chain and pray, never gets into trouble. I have more of these beads and chains with me. Maybe it’s a god’s wish that I should give the one to you”.  

I had never believed in these superstitious and so religious things, but he gave that pearl so lovingly to me that I could not refuse him. I alighted from the bus in the whizzing traffic and walked a few miles but unfortunately did not find any transportation. As the sun was straight on the top, I began to sweat; few miles more I saw a cab, but when I approach it, I retraced my steps, as some odd-looking men were already sitting in it. Rows and rows of vehicles were stranded on both sides. I even noticed a van; I approached it and tried to lure the driver with money. But to my dismay, the driver refused. 

I sat on the stone that was placed under the tree. Alone and exhausted, the only thing that suddenly came to my mind at that time was to get away from there as soon as possible as I would faint. I took the pearl out, close my eyes and started praying. Suddenly a miracle happened, authorities had cleared the road and vehicles had started moving. The bus in which I was traveling suddenly stopped near me. I heaved a sigh of relief, jumped on it and took my seat. But I was shocked to see that the old man was not there. I looked for him here and there but he was gone. 

That incident made me believe in religion and gave me the biggest lesson of life, money can become useless, but not your faith in God, 

Read on for more to understand what impacts a person’s life more, religion or money and how does religion affect a person’s life?

Religion brings us closer to God: We can say that we can be close to God without following any religion or its rituals, but with religion, we can understand God and feel more close to it. For instance, whenever we see a statue of a deity, we bow our head towards it, and we remember God wherever and in whatever situation we are in. If we want it or not or feeling lazy but whenever we hear the sound of a prayer of a god to which we believe, our mind would get immediately directed towards it.

Religion tells us how we should behave in society In the Torah in the Bible there are 613 commandments which dictate the followers how to treat other humans, what are the Jewish holidays, how to celebrate these holidays, how to celebrate Sabbath, what to eat and how to eat and many more things. Even in Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism religious texts dictate what to and how to do certain things in life and these things become our daily ritual. 

Religion is a clear manifestation of human nature: Whenever a man intends to face a truth which he is not able to explain, he gets recourse from religion. He began to delve deep within and try to find the truth behind his own life. This helps him to realize that he is a part of his creation but not the whole of creation. 

Religion soothes our mind: religious prayers soothes our mind, reduces anxiety and stress and makes us more at peace with ourselves, society and the nature around us. Our mind is completely relieved of all the tensions whenever we are in a congregation or sing a prayer. It acts like magic.

Religion relieves us of all our social problems: Religion gives us a solution to many of our social problems. Many of the rituals in religions have scientific significance for instance; a ringing of temple bell resonates with positive energy in the atmosphere around us. By keeping a fast at least once in a month is healthy. 

Religion teaches us to be human and to love others. Money gives us food while religion salvation.

But we have to live a life in coordination and retaining balance between the two. Earn money but do not forget your religion. 

Am I right or wrong, please comment as your views matters a lot?