It was the dawn of another day, I was just wondering to clear present cultured activities of daily overtures. Just when I was going to collect my spade to start, thunder storm struck and I whisked outside to look at this nature’s blow over my overtures, which had just wiped out my desire to get down to my work.

Above all, I happened to be exultingly glued to this wondrous nature as something very secretive, a substance that could elude my consciousness.

We all are fixed with the similar peculiarity that can deviate us from our very senses, this occurs because of unknown Distractive Syndrome of our doings as we have to pass through different stances of our lives. Let us not confuse it with Attention deficit disorder. It is a different entirety, what I am talking about is common distractions for the love of something that deprive us to perform something so imperative.  And, there is nothing to worry about it too, as it is so natural.  There is something so very mystically secret about it, as you never know when the distraction took place and you are taken by surprise. It can be a most beautiful feeling and can become a moment of brilliance and memorable.

I am working on a very important project, deadline is where I left, I am inadvertently confused. Suddenly I got an alert of promotional schemes from the management, my eyes lit up, and I got distracted.  Reading this scheme distorted me but enhanced my motivation and after few minutes dreaming about these promotions, I speed up my performance and doubled my skills.  We can also call this altered mode of consciousness that can make us move into the higher level of our self esteem and advancement. You have unconsciously moved above your abilities, building your self esteem and creative powers as you move.

At the onset, we may say phone calls, email alerts, our life and our works are happening to be moving at a much faster pace than ever before. In these dramatic distractions, we knowingly or unknowingly waste our time in tasks that are so mundane.  But within these different humdrums, if something interesting turns up we are bloomed like flowers.  I want to discuss project with my colleague and he played a prank on me, I was shocked but at the same time, his joke made me laugh and relieved me from stress. His predomination tactic motivated me as I soon got success. 

Never let the distractions bound you but allow it to open the other frame of your mental faculties and let it to use to your advantage. You will realize you are working above your potentialities.  Isn’t it amazing! 

Come up with your experiences and let the others also know how the life has how a slight distraction caught you unaware but your life changed forever from there on.