I am sitting now on my bed with the laptop on my lap to see the world that would make me roll down in tears and equally laughter. I feel happy because I am sitting in my comfort zone, but the shedding of tears is my melting of the heart to see people crying, and trouble everywhere. This I jot down as sarcastic notes of my vision, when I am in a dilemma, looking at my prodigious activities coming out to be true but on the other hand, the same things are wetting my vision. I can hardly do anything.

My soul melts when I see tragedy happening in the world, a greater calamity tearing the life of the people while I look at my deadlines nearing, and lunchtime just round the corner, hoosh, the clock just going to strike 2:00 and I have not prepared lunch for my children and hubby all the tears of my world dies down.  But what struck! “What can I do then? I can’t rush to the flooded area to help the needed, like Shahrukh khan in the role of “Khan”, in “My name is Khan,” neither I have so much money to contribute to these trodden people, even though how much shattered we are, but yes we can do, we can pressure all the governments to make the world “Go Green”, to replace all the polluted and Global warming tenacities of ours with Green efforts.

We can stop doing anything and everything which is harming the earth, causing Global warming, and pollution to replace it with sustainable and environment-friendly activities. When we can all turn our fantasy and dreams into reality, we can also see the dream to make our earth free from dangerous aliens, and helping it breathe.

This is a time for real change, not to change with new technologies but to change to foster new development, we have to create un-destructive objects in our life… We have to germinate these developed barren lands into un-destructive serene, pure, and full of green wealth and life.

How can we do so?

Stop cutting trees, stop killing, and stop making our rivers dirty, stop polluting the air with harmful gases, and carbons, and stop using poisonous substances in our industries.  Instead, start loving and sow the seeds of growth. Stop shedding tears instead take a few moments from the daily routine of your life to give to the earth what it has given to you, and that’s “Life”.