In this life youths career life is not straight. They have to cross my thorny paths, face many ups and downs and even have to face romantic grudges.  But our youth is still not disheartened, he keeps on moving.

This short poem is a youth’s voice, who has promised to himself, whatever happens, he will keep on moving.

I wanna live; I wanna live Mom, to see my life again with wings, rupturing from the pebbles to the flowing of springs.

I am given to the shackles of the world, trying my bit to procure my worth.

Rapping, Singing, kicking my ass to enliven my dreams,

wearing caps of many feathers, rolling my sleeves for my share of earnings.cars, land and house of my dreams, that you have always seen,

But this world is taking me for granted, from one end bitting, to the other end kicking.

Still in this darkened phase, I hold a beautiful smile, her pure soul n beautiful face.

I dream to nurture my love, and get her in my arms in loving embrace,

She would take me where I wanna reach with her love and blessing

I was bolted in her heart, and wanna run like Usain Bolt,

 I love her like a Romeo, that’s so pure and true  

But the day was doomed, when she suddenly said no.

I fell like a rotten apple, hopeless and dejected.

My mind is blocked, but my Mom knocked

“Duniya tum yeh jan lo

Tutonga nahi tum yeh man lo”

Whatever be happen, I will never get broken

Roads will be tough, but I will make my ways smoothen”.

As I wanna live for my Mom, who never ate till I have eaten.

She slept hungry, but fed my stomach

She would wear tattered clothes, but covered me whole

Slept in cold, but made me warm

Don’t worry Darling, I am rejoining the pieces of my broken heart, and moving on and on.

The world is bitter, but I will find the sweet of my own Accord.

I would be kicked, wounded and shattered

They will push me back again, still I would be  going, walking on the thorns to the roads of roses.

I will break the mirror, that show me my failure

“As I know my Mom will be with me and will always be in the nicest of things, and the bitter ones too”.

I will fail but get up and make it all possible.

Its life men lets keep on moving even it has many rocky paths to cross

People will crush me people will mock me

But I will inscribe my name on these rocks

Yea! I will just do I will do it even though the world falls apart.