You must be wondering am I crazy, we date with our boyfriend but seriously I am going to date myself and only for my sake, for my happiness and my self-esteem. It is not like I cannot find any date but I like to do things in my own way. Instead of becoming a catch to some audacious designer who goes after my curves, I am intoxicated to fill the missing gap with fun and enjoyment of being on my own.

Going on a date all alone is for many people of our own age a sweeping idea. Some people especially girls might feel to bellowing and isolated in the crowds or caught dead. But it is nonetheless quite beautiful. Few months back, working full time and getting involved into academic overload, I found myself completely exhausted. Though I was dating a guy but he could not appease my palate and understand why I should be pursuing my career and exhausting myself. At that time I realized that there are many aspects in life and many things that I would like to do. Will I allow a dude who though loves me but still pose objections on me and prevents me from fulfilling wishes! Obviously I will not allow.

Sometimes my consciousness would say that I would text my friends for going out. But sometimes I just would feel like not talking and even lacking in energy to coordinate my schedule with others. So I started off low. During my free time I would go to museum, or even to see occasional concerts. When I was out I found that by avoiding my phone and fluttering on my social media would help my brain to concentrate and analyze the things which is happening around me.

I make my novels my boy friend as they touch my senses, laugh at the funny anecdotes, sometimes cry at the touchy happenings, and comment on the burning social and political issues, and that what I love.

I love to tune on my Television channel to get intoxicated with the serials that pop my mind to believe the hidden realities of our lives. And later in the evening go for a long evening walk loving and kissing flowers and birds and to go on the romantic getaways.

Of course, I do this all alone without the need of any companion, a man who would just for making me feel loved will come from his own domain, spend money on me, lick the spices from my fingers, praise my beauty and I get shy or give a hysterical laugh. Is this so important, I have found out soon that No, I can enjoy and date myself and with my own self without anyone’s need.

 So for the present happiness and to give my best in life, I will love myself and live in my own company.  In the quietness of the nights I will learn to discover myself, and how the way I should be and hold my convictions towards myself and family.

I have a great career, have a caring and loving family and friends, so though I am alone, I am not lonely and could never feel it as I love myself.  And that’s very important for me.

Solo dates have also taught me the life lessons. What others would think of me that does not matter, but what’s matter the most is living in the present moment. Being single is not a vice but an opportunity or a virtue to adorn with pleasure. This I have understood after many years of pains. Get on with life and enjoy the life which is only yours. And this is life, 

So young girls, gorgeous ladies and gentleman share your experiences when you have gonna went on a date alone.