Do not fear, I am with you,” these words are so soothing and motivating isn’t it!  

Sometimes we are in a midst of something very crucial or in a business meeting and suddenly fear would grip us, this is a nothing less than a nightmare. At this moment, some soothing words are highly motivating.

We all must have faced this situation in our lives; sometimes during interview, while giving presentation or during speech. Yet, overcoming it is one of the most underrated but crucial in any entrepreneur’s journey.  And, yes, this is a learnable skill, and if you’re starting or growing a business, overcoming it is probably relevant to you. Many businesses have failed due to very reason, fear. It curtails, inhibits and makes us lean towards spirituality and orthodox belief and rituals.

If fear is holding you back?

Fear grips our mind with unnecessary thoughts which might cause harm rather than good. This happens when we have to take any decision, several questions would start engulfing our mind, “if are failed then…….., if prices fall then…….if are poised into .

Fear stops us from starting businesses, taking the necessary steps we need to take, having hard conversations, expanding our businesses, making big decisions. Fear causes us to self-sabotage our good intentions and prevents us from doing the things we want to do.

Our fear is often subconscious though – which makes it hard to identify. Plus, it’s etched into our DNA – we need a healthy dose of fear to keep us safe from real dangers. This makes it hard to surmount too – it can feel like going against our natural tendencies.

Ask a successful entrepreneur and he would say; we must accept fear. It is a part of our everyday overture of our life; there is a fear of losing client, fear of fall of Sensex, fear of loss of reputation and many more.  

So, all entrepreneurs must learn to walk and tune the steps both with fear and optimistic tenacity. Watch closely successful entrepreneurs near you and you will learn how to master yourself this style of stepping up and down.  Let us adapt these techniques to accomplish our entrepreneurship zeal.

Focus on Positive Self-Talk

The things you say to yourself have a significant influence on how you feel and act. When you’re consumed with negative thoughts about your performance, your positive attitude will diminish and be replaced by self-doubt. Practice by keeping a journal and as soon as you catch yourself being negative, write down a positive replacement statement. This takes time to get good but keep on doing.

Ask for Help

The time you make a mistake or feel doubtful about something, ask for help. Sometimes all you need is to bounce a few ideas around with someone you trust. Chances are you know a colleague, friend or mentor who has experienced the exact same situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or request a second opinion.

Find a Way to Address the Fear Head-On

If you’ve got a persistent fear that keeps coming up and blocking you, find a strategy to eliminate this fear.

Commit to Take The Next Step

The final strategy is pretty foolproof because even if all of the other strategies haven’t worked if you keep doing this one over and over, you’ll succeed despite your fear!

The strategy is to figure out the next small step that you can do towards your goal, and make that happen. Acknowledge that you have fear but “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Don’t Be Concerned What Other People Think

Are you afraid to fail because of what other people might think? Let go of this negative habit and ask yourself, “Who cares what other people think?” Some of the greatest inventions of our time were scoffed at initially, but did it stop those savvy entrepreneurs from pursuing their idea? Pursue your ideas and passions because you want to, and don’t live your life for anybody else.