One fine morning I was walking steadily towards the office with traffic buzzing around like bees, bumping, scorching, and jumbling against each other. I slammed into a man, whose eyes and mind were over his future; reading horoscope; he got naturally irritated at this sudden intrusion. I angrily looked at him; he was attired in a light blue shirt, and tight pants, but, I giggled when I saw at his feet, he was wearing bathroom sleepers. I whimsically said Sorry, but he replied, my horoscope just read, “I would be bumped”, and look I am bumped, I know I would be bumped again, so don’t worry cool”.   He smiled, looked complacently in my eyes and moved on.  Yes, Cool, I blinked at him, surprised at his genial manners, hurried for my office soon I forgot this incident of so trivial in nature.

Several years passed, it was 12th November, 2016, I was attending a meeting, where several business giants had gathered to discuss their agendas. My eyes suddenly caught hold of a middle aged man, sitting cozily towards the other end of the podium, near to Mr. Armani, an owner of the multi-nation designer wears.  He was wearing all grey, with tie and branded shoes. I was stunned by the way he addressed the gathering with so poise a nature and gentle mannerism. I observed him very carefully, oh my my! I had seen him somewhere, but where! My eagerness aroused, I have to know more about him, on inquiry I was told he was a big industrialist, running “Chic April”, a leading company of men and women designer wears. Few years back, his business got a severe setback, due to his partner’s misdemeanor activities. He was cheated – a man who had vintage cars at his disposal, many servants, bungalow had virtually come on roads. But now he is richest businessman in the industry, his optimism, hard working spirit, god fearing nature, got him back all what he had lost. He is now richer than ever before, and a humble soul.

Oh I now recollected, it was the same man I had bumped few years back on the road .I now understood what he meant by when he had said, “I had been bumped, I would be bumped again and I would always be bumped, but don’t worry…” That two words “Don’t worry”, he must have said to himself, when his partner had cheated him, I thought.

I could imagine, in these all years of his struggle he must had been bumped again and again, but always from his heart,  he must be saying, Don’t worry! These words made him turn the results of the toughest mathematical equations of his life to his advantage.

So Don’t Worry, Friends cheer up! If you do not like this article too, but if you like it do comment on it and state in few words, when you also had said “Don’t Worry”, in your life. Your comments can change someone else life too.