Hey! What’s wrong with my face, what are these? I got spots all over. As soon Lily woke up from her bed, she exclaimed. Mom came rushing over and consoled her. “These are just pimples, as now you are grown up isn’t it!

Mom starts explaining, as we attain puberty, lot of changes takes place and skin began to lose its baby charm and smoothness. In fact, our face gets more prone to acne and pimples. Increase in pollution, changing lifestyle and eating habits are also the main culprits.  No wonder, these pops looks ugly but also signifies, yes we are now growing up and lot of efforts are required.

Mom’s treatment to cure pimples is the best, but notwithstanding precaution is a best medicine. These measures are nothing but simple tips which if we opt daily can make our face pimple free. There are no odds, no investment required and minimum efforts.  Just follow simple overtures of your daily life and retain pimple free, naturally clear and beautiful face.  

Retain Your Natural Beauty In Natural Way

Wash your face twice a day

Remove excess of oil, greese, and dirt by washing a face atleast two times a day and that too with warm water. Also apply a gentle cleanser in a circular motion using your fingers but not a wash cloth. Rinse and pat it.

Understand the skin type

Experts say, oily skin is more prone to pimples. It is caused by your skin’s sebaceous glands that are generating too much oily sebum. In fact the skin which has both dry area as well as oily areas is too vulnerable. The oily areas are generally over the forehead, nose, chin and especially on T-zone.

Do Not Forget to Keep the Screen of Smartphones Clean

Have you ever wondered that your smartphones’ skin is dirtier than you think? The studies so far revealed that the cell phone is dirtier than a public toilet. So, always keep your phone clean Rub it with alcohol swab every day to prevent breakouts. Most of the world’s dermatologist says that keeping a phone near your skin for minutes not only clog the pores but also increases the chances of infection and acne.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Your hands remain involved almost with every activity you do. Do you know that your fingers and hands are favourable for your face skin? Of course not. In fact, leaning on your palm during the day create friction, transfer dirt and oil thus cause inflammation. The people who care for their face keep their fingers and palm away from it.

Change Your Pillowcases Regularly

Even after washing your face before going to bed causes acne and pimple, and then you might be taking care of other things. How frequently do you change your pillowcase? Not keeping your pillowcase fresh and clean build up dirt and oil that causes harmful substances that may cause pimples. So even you are too tired, change your pillowcase every three days.

Avoid Acne Causing Food

The worst enemy of our skin is our taste buds. To keep them happy we often get diverted towards junk food. Such foods contain spices, oils that are not only unhealthy for our intestine but for our skin as well. Eating healthy rejuvenate our skin cells, keep it healthy and young.  Your healthy food chart must contain vegetables, olive oil, whole grain, animal protein, and fruits. Following good food, habit keeps you in good complexion and strengthen your immune system thus preventing from bacterial infections and hence acne.

Do no Prick or Scratch Your Pimple

How many of you have a habit of picking or scratching your acne? Almost every other who are suffering from regular acne and pimple problem get used to such habits. But doing so welcome more infection and bacteria. Scratching or popping up open wounds from where more bacteria and dirt infested into the skin. So all the teens and young, if you think that your habit is offering your clear skin then you are completely wrong, you are just gifting your skin lifetime scars and memories of acne. Stop such habits and let it heal naturally. You can follow some home-made remedy for acne to get rid of it fast and naturally.

Keep Your Weight in Check

Obesity or overweight is the biggest reason for many health illnesses including acne. To reduce the occurrence of acne, analyse your Body Mass Index in an ideal range. Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and minimize sugar intake in your diet. A little check towards your growing fat keeps your skin healthy.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

How often do you wash your hair? Once in a week then you are offering a warm welcome to the acne-causing microbes. Our scalp produced natural oil to protect our hair but they can also clog the pores on our face, this can lead to acne. Washing hair regularly helps in removing excess oil on the scalp and reduces the oil at the hairline and forehead thus preventing pimples.

Besides, these measures, keep your skin away from the sun, avoid sharing your makeup products, quit smoking, be choosy of the skincare products, use home remedy for pimples treatment and be gentle with your skin. Enjoy healthy, young, and scar-free skin!