As the Blue Whale game challenge is now on the killing spree, taking young minds in its charade, it’s the time to again retrospect on what we are giving to our children? Since the days these online games have perpetuated by the pockets of each household dreams, thousands of children and even teens succumb into it.

Today while sipping coffee over my laptop reading about a suicide case of yet another boy due to the Blue Whale game, it shudders my bones. I left myself contemplating on how technology has changed our lives; on the one hand it is giving us so much to feel proud, it is also bringing in wake of destructive tendencies and determining their social and physiological behavior of children and youths.

I remember my childhood days when evening clock would strike 6 we would all gulp our Mom’s prepared glass of milk and rush out to play and display our audacity over each other. We would play cricket with our small wooden bat shattering the windows, running away, kicking and spilling rain water over the passersby on road. Those were the dirty games but were of full of fun, we were free and we had a choice. But when I look at today’s children through my specs I see them overly drenched with their online games and mobile apps trampling their very own personality and natural appetite. These today genres have deprived themselves off from the own soul; different from what we were when were children.

Children of today are smarter and more intelligent as they are more exposed through internet and digitization?” Yes, they are smart and talented, but it is also the fact that they are more vulnerable and socially deprived. They have deprived themselves of the nature, trees, running after butterflies, climbing trees and looking at the nests, running after chickens, splashing water in the pond and wetting in rains. They are now plugging their ears to their Moms complains, “Why don’t you eat?”

Many psychologists and economists feel the game has the positive impact on the children’s mind. When the trend of the video games was started millions of people from across the continents had already spent their money on these games for their children. Now with the emergence of the virtual reality, the games are also meeting the varied learning goals. The workforce is practicing problem-solving skills and the young minds are getting engaged and experiencing the pleasure of grappling with the clues and solving many complicated things. But we cannot also ignore that these games are “Behavior detractors” which has overpowered the little minds. Children are being convulsed in these online games without realizing it is causing more harm rather than good. They are cutting themselves from the society, becoming often emotionally and psychologically perturbed. Over and above they are getting the acculturated personality of the online world that delivers promises, excitement, thrill, entertainment, skills, power, time management and mental development but at the cost of deprivation of social relations and emotional connections.

One question that comes to my mind is, were we not intelligent? We didn’t have video games but still, we have seen the birth of many scholarly and genius minds, the names of which if I start writing will not end, they had made their mark in their respective fields, and won the hearts of the millions across the globe.  So the video games are just not necessary. What we seem to be healthy for the minds are just acculturated development of personality, a feeling of getting attached to a particular culture from which it becomes difficult to come out but resonate with the typical customary.

Our children are natural wonders, they do not require these artificial means of entertainment and cognitive development, but I am not saying these games should be completely banned. Children should experience and enjoy these technological cultured games but it is a challenge for the parents, how they display their tenacity in deliverance, patience, and association with their children in respect to the games.  After all in this technological world children also needs to be technology savvy but how they retain this balance between the real and reel world, it is for the parents to see.

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Vladimir Covic October 1 at 5:49 pm

Wait just a moment. Let’s not confuse online video games and stuff like this. The only harm in online games (think MMORPGs or games you can get on mobile) is that they’re a waste of time and you often have to pay money for extra stuff (so they draw in kids to spend their parent’s money). Video games can have a positive impact on children, help them learn, expand their thinking and more. Blue Whale and similar online challenges are actually harmful. Besides, why would you participate in a game if there’s no reward at the end? Congratulations, you’ve reached the final task. Go kill yourself. Really? I don’t think I will.

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