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Is Politics a “Fair Game” for Fairer Sex?

Fairness is not a game of politics and is sincerely not for our much profiled Devis of our Indian Politics. These are incestuous stereotypical bahus and Betis who are into the chagrin of cultural India, and if they are not so they are not right to be in Indian political world.  Bharatiya Janta Party leader Vinay Katiyar, sartorially remarked to the much embarrassment of Priyanka Gandhi when Indian journalist raised a question, “Will Priyanka make any difference to the election campaign, and his reply was, “What difference will it make? We have more beautiful star campaigners… heroines, artists… they are better”. This sarcastic twist lays the women’s feministic tenacities dried and thirsty.



In this political game, Fairness of the fair Devis is taken to endorse the women’s success in politics, at the time when speculations are high for Priyanka to enter in politics. People and politicians trolled for her X appeal and good looks, entitling her as “The Power Dressing queen”, of Indian politics for her cotton saris and that too with long sleeve blouses, and pallu falling over her arm. She began at once, a version of beauty exemplified, arrested in the intensity and appeal in which she carries herself forward in the political sense.

It is not only about Priyanka but for all women, whose feministic traits fall on the Indian political scene making them play for not to express but impress. This sartorial weight is falling heavily on these political Devis with Priyanka, not an exception. As soon she comes to power, her wardrobe becomes the topic of discussion. She is as if sighting the goals of her political career on her feminine appeal but not on her competency. These boorish statements of the women’s appearance undermine their sense of legitimacy.

We all matter

This harsh terrain of patriarchal retorts is more in evidence in India in electoral landscape, when Narendra Modi would take on the podium with his 56-inch chest, the persona of maleness, of the lion and honor. And notwithstanding, unshaven Congress Vice Preside Rahul Gandhi who is no less belligerent, as his election rallies comprise generally of male audiences. His sleeves are always up rolled even he is seen trying to raise the issue on empowerment of women and taking off their social inclusion.

This toxic level of sarcasm is not only a “game of Fairness” in the Indian political genre but also Westernized world. Sam Bennett, CEO of the Women’s Campaign Forum Foundation finds out, the toxic level of sexism in politics is so strong that it becomes imperatively impossible to rip it apart. In fact, politics itself has procreated to redefine the women’s image. “Donald Trump” made a remark on Carly Fiorina, ”Look at that face”. This was the most sexist insult Donald Trump of the democratic and so equalized nation like America can make.

As per the media reports, in a speech in 2009 Lok Sabha elections in Lucknow, a Bahujan Samaj Party member rebuked Samajwadi Party candidate, a swimming champion, and actor Nafisa Ali, by naming her budhiya (old woman),  “Look at her white hair………..Had SP brought (Bollywood star) Aishwarya Rai to Lucknow, I would have enjoyed more.” Yet again in June 2013, a restless persona of politics in Gazipur district, a state minister, and a Samajwadi Party leader Om Prakash Singh said, “You people are very brave. When you can bear with an ugly woman like (BSP leader and ex-chief minister) Mayawati for five years, you surely can give us some time as well.”  What does this entails, means at their level, these leaders of our states want gets entertained when beautiful women sit beside them at the podium.

These elected members of the highly democratic country like India making sexists remarks on women show their shadowed mind. It’s a typical impasse of men’s chauvinism towards the women’s growth in politics.

Politics has set a particular image of women, of a typical Hindu or Muslim women, with pallu or a Sari. No doubt this attire is the portrayal of hers Indian-ness, a mother and a sister of cultured India. But the question is if she wears the sari in another style, will there still be trolls? We can still remember Uma Bharti swathed in her saffron robes when she was a chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. She was feeling safe playing with her Barbie doll. She was protecting herself as a Sadhvi from the sexist’s remarks by infantilizing herself by playing with dolls.

One of my friends once retorted, why I am talking about only female rights when they are getting all the rights when men are also equally prone to sexism but as a writer and more profound researcher, I started my search on the topic, “Has Any women politician made any sexist remark on male politician,” I didn’t find any, or if any one or two might have happened, it’s not reported.

My dear friends’ majority are males in political set up of India, but if you have come across any female politician had made any sexual remark, do tell me We would sure high light it, after all, sexist remark does not mean only of female making on the male but vice versa too.

When our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is touring the world building the image of India, these remarks demean his efforts and shows how irresponsible our politicians are and how still there is a long way we need to emerge ourselves from the roots of backwardness and depodency.






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