Our nation has different colors, but somewhere in between we are now finding ourselves entrenched in Modi vs Anti Modi and Saffron vs Anti Saffron brigade. Since Narendra Modi rose to become the Prime Minister of India, these two brigades are structurally trying to ingrain our minds with their self-proclaimed agendas.

The news is regularly pouring in off their incessant involvement in hooliganism and high-handedness sometimes in the name of Cow Vigilantism or for bringing people to behave and enforcement of Hinduism. In fact, Murlidhar Rao general secretary of BJP dragged RSS ideology for shaping the destiny of the country. While on the other hand is our Owaisi brand, the face of Muslims always seen brick batting Modi with their pro-Muslim agendas startling him with their nefarious talks, this country is not your father’s property, it belongs to me as much as it belongs to you.”Question is who is denying is India not the land of Owaisi brands?

And even our honorable Prime Minister eyes are not going beyond the political taunts; he keeps on declaring these agitating poor people as the political agenda of the Congress. To add to it Media channels have added fair to the Modi Vs Anti Modi branding who are playing coquette and with the people’s lives displaying distorted truths.

NaMo Modi and Manmohan

I am not saying Modi’s or even their Anti-Modi policies are wrong, but within these two opposing brands, people are flanged with the distorted or half-truths and even fake news. It seems in Democracy citizens are being sandwiched into these two branding extremes who are proliferating the media with the fake news. Amidst all this no opponent is able to dodge Modi or duck him out with their agendas. Modi Giri is stinging straight into the million hearts, becoming stronger and more powerful.

If we look from the political lens even Mahaghatbandhan of the opposites cannot counter Modi such is a power of Modi Giri and the way he is presenting his policies. And why he shouldn’t be, after all, he is representative of the ordinary voters with the strong promising appeal. But he is not the one who is and can be dictated by anyone and this is a reason why we are not witnessing the rise of Modi vs Anti Modi gangs.

Pissing the mind of Indians with their respective agendas in the democracy is like routing on the core of the Indian democracy, which needs to be changed. We cannot allow our multiple colored India gets routed within Modi & Anti Modi and Saffron and Anti Saffron brigades. Let’s play the middle game and bring this tug of war of these opposing clans over the common table and prevent the outbursts.






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