We all know 21 people died and many injured in Elphinstone Road Railway station stampede. It was simply not renovated. Amidst all the hue and cry and playing blame gaming commuters have again begun their journey over the same deadly narrow bridge, forgetting this incident like a hot balloon that’s now flown away with the wind. Well, tragedy does happen and that’s the past. “Chalta Hei yar” what to do, people dies, but we have to keep on moving for our dreams, over the broken bridges, swimming across the rivers to reach the schools. But the Babus’ sipping the coffee in the AC rooms.

No doubt we as the taxpayers have voted government to power to take care of our needs, but shouldn’t we take the few minutes out and retrospect what we should do? Of course we the people of Mahanagris cannot go and start constructing the bridge but we can be sensible to understand our duties irrespective of our rights.

Stampede 3

We can follow our instinct and social decency to prevent such causalities like the stampede. At least can avoid, moving through the crowd and find another route, if there is no other option then at least keep patience, walk slowly, and avoid overtaking.

No doubt it is not easy to escape the stampede in a place like Elphinstone bridge but we can at least make some conscious effort to avoid it and show sensibility. We can form a queue wherever possible, it hardly talks a time.

  • We do not panic at the sight of danger and avoid running over the other people. Keep calm and poise.
  • If you are in a concert or common public gathering, find out all the exit points. It is a common among all humans to exit from the same point but when you observe a crow use an alternative exit that would help you get out quickly and is the best approach.
  • Help each other. Give little space for children, women and old to come out. Extend your hand to help falling person. In a crowded place like station make space for pregnant or old people to sit in a corner or make  them stand straight against the wall.
  • Keep your hands on your chest and take a boxer’s stance. First, avoid resisting the force of the crowd. You would need tremendous strength for escape, instead of trying to use the surge of the crowd in your favor. Keep your foot firmly on the ground and try to take a boxers stance, like one foot in front and the other at back.
  • Generally, the crowd surges are like waves, and in between there is calmness and that’s the time you can act. Here you won’t move straight but use the weaving technique and in a zigzag style like a diagonal direction.
  • Immediately dial the helpline or emergency number.

If we all want to enjoy our rights, we have our duties also to perform. Do not get panicky or spread the rumor that instigated the crowd to rush and cause the stampede.

The government has to do their task well but it is that instinct within us that would help us out from the crush.



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